This week’s calligraphy challenge was something related to numerals. As our studio is currently being renovated, I had little access to any of my regular options. So I dug out a test page I used for the stamp I made out of wooden numbers. As we are busy getting our space changed and updated, I am running lots of numbers so we stay within our budget…hence the words. I used metallic stamp ink and a Parallel 1.5 pen.

Change can be exciting and daunting at the same time, especially when you start adding up how much it really costs. It is easy to add the cost of materials, labor, and purchases, however it can be hard to measure the time and toll it takes on your emotions. The waiting, the things that occupy your mind as new ideas and thoughts play ping pong in your head, and the patience you have to exhibit as each piece slowly falls into place.

We are VERY excited about our updates, and look forward to using our newly refurbished spaces soon; I just wish we could twitch our nose and have it all done. The project has seeped into most of our house as we move things back and forth to get them out of the way of construction. It truly is a very exciting mess. By the end of next week we should see a very bright light and want to head straight for it.

What part of your life has recently required you to run the numbers? What did they tell you? What did you hope to avoid by not running them? Numbers don’t lie, they tell us the very important bottom line of what we are doing. They can also remind us of the important investment of our time end energy even though that rarely shows up in the total. Maybe today you need to check your own numbers and make sure you are on track.

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