It’s a Day to Monkey Around

Happy Halloween! The national holiday for goofing around, being silly, and eating sweet everything. It’s the day we get to pretend to be anyone or anything we want. I’m having fun in Target being a Gorilla, but my guess is you knew all that from this picture. How can you resist putting on a mask and being a monkey?

Today you can be a princess, an astronaut, a zombie, a villain, the good guy or an inanimate object. The only thing holding you back is your own imagination and your own nerves. Dressing up is fun until you realize other people will see you and might not get it.

As kids our goal was to be something special that no one else would match. We worked hard to be different, unique, original and even a bit bizarre. Then we spent the day at school talking to everyone and admiring their costumes, they admired ours, then we ate candy until our teeth hurt. Everyone might not have participated but everyone had a comment for your costume.

When along the path to adulthood did we become so influenced by what other people think? We let fear or anxiety or even our own social status prevent us from being ourselves, on Halloween and every other day. We let what other people think become WAY too important and forget to let our guiding force be our internal selves. If there is one thing the years have taught me it is that what other people think will change with the tides, trends, the season and what you think of yourself becomes more precious.

So be a goof ball, be a kid, be free to be yourself dressed as anything you want. Turn up the volume on that little kid trapped in a shell of responsibilities. Who cares what anyone else thinks? This is the national day of zaniness and your chance to let it all hang out. November first will be here soon enough, so for today be happy and crazy and anything you want!

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