For a Simple Moment

The leaves in our yard are just beginning to change. Fall arrives later in the South, so we have to savor each change, even if it is minuscule. It also means stopping to notice the small changes that tell us Fall has arrived. Today I didn’t have a chance to stop until later in the afternoon, so when I did stop to notice I was amazed.

We move so fast and have so much to do that we go to bed in a blur having missed some of the best moments of the seasons. The leaves change and fall to the ground before we even have time to see the colors. On my way home I took the long way, the back roads and spent time enjoying the season around me. I took a deep breath and savored the season.

What is Fall like where you live? Have you taken a moment to enjoy the color? Be sure to slow down today for a simple moment to yourself to enjoy the beauty of your Fall.

1 Comment

  1. We have the weather, just not the leaf changes. Last year we went to New England for a few days and it was either too early or too late, but here and there, like Old Forge, New York, there was some.

    AB, you and KB should hit Cape Cod. We highly recommend “The Marshlands” restaurant in Sandwich, Mass.


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