Together When Not Together

I ‘watched’ the World Series with my husband, Dad and Brother. We texted all night while ‘watching’ it together. Imogi symbols and humor made it all so much fun. Fortunately we were all rooting for the same team (The Boston Red Socks – World Series Winners!) It is times like these that I am glad we have amazing technology. It makes being together and cheering on the team that much easier. It’s like being together when not together.

I had a friend who sent me photos of the quilts she makes. It was like being able to see her entire portfolio right on my phone. Another friend showed me her friend’s drawings, and they were amazing. And my husband frequently shares amazing videos and art he finds online. All of that available on our phones, that is truly amazing.

I remember growing up and not answering the phone (that hung on the wall) during dinner, and we didn’t have an answering machine either. The phone was simply a phone. Now we buy, sell, view, trade, text and cheer during the World Series all on our phones.

Tonight I celebrate technology that allows us to be together when not together. I celebrate Imojis and text messages. I celebrate online shopping and being able to look up ANYTHING online. I am thankful for the inventive people who made all this technology possible for people sitting at home to enjoy the people and things they love without having to leave home.

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