The Only Constant is Change

The business of buying and selling has changed in the last couple decades. You can now buy anything online, and I mean anything! Find it, buy it, ship it and it’s yours for the payment. If it’s not the right color or size or flavor, send it back, no problem.

I must admit I still enjoy going into stores and touching, tasting, seeing the items in person. There is something about being able to see it, look at it check it out, then decide on those facts if you want to make the purchase. I do buy a great deal online as well. It really boils down to having the choice.

There will come a time when my grandchildren will hear me tell stories about how we used to try on clothing in a store before we bought it. How we used to drive to the stores and walk from place to place to find what we wanted to buy. Or when we knew the store clerks, they knew us and we would work together to solve my retail challenges.

The only constant in life is change. No matter what, no matter who, no matter where or when, things will change. We have the choice to go with the changes or work to avoid what is coming down the pike. One of life’s greatest adventures is living long enough to be able to recognize life after things have changed and still want to participate and take advantage of the new way of doing things. There is something to be said for thriving during change. There is joy in making it to the other side. There is triumph in knowing that you can buy things both online and/or in stores and the choice is yours to make.

DOn’t let the changes of today prevent you from enjoying the triumphs of tomorrow. To see the benefits and advantages of the new is amazing. So don’t let the unknown prevent you from being excited about your future. Tomorrow holds an entirely new way of doing things that can make it all worth while.

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