Like a Dog in a Butcher Shop


What a challenge to be a dog in a butcher shop! The best place on earth with no ability to reach anything you really want. So you wait patiently trusting that the person who holds your leash will provide a tasty meat treat sometime in the future, even if it comes in the form of leftovers. Seeing this canine inside with her owner made me wonder how many times had she dog been in this shop, and how well behaved to show such calm demeanor.

I think we all know the challenge of wanting something so very badly, knowing how wonderful it will be, only to have it within reach and not be able to do anything more to get it. These are the moments when patience is a well worn virtue. These are the times that test our reserve, our ability to keep waiting, and our faith and hope. We know what we want is there and we can see it, but there is more distance between us and it than we can remove. These are the times when we can easily stress out and behave badly.

During these times we show our true selves. These times of stress and anxiety are when our true character comes to light. As humans we go to what we know when we are under stress; all our learned, polite behaviors quickly wash away and our true demons suddenly take over. The best and the worst and too much in-between all comes to light. It is usually those who love us the most that already know and have experienced our demons, bad behaviors, less than desirable selves. Hopefully they love us anyway; they take the good, the bad and the ugly all rolled into one.

This dog in a butcher shop reminded me that we can choose to behave differently than our base instincts. We can be patient and persevere to choose and suppress our demons. It means we have to know our own buttons and NOT do things that push them, or if the buttons do get pushed choose not to react. Like this pooch we have to train ourselves to be more of who we want and less of what we don’t want. Easily said, hard to execute.

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  1. Was that in Florence? I saw a Diners Drive-ins episode that was done in Florence. Pizza looked like I wanted to eat there once a week, and 1000 times more than I could say about anywhere else I’ve eaten, including Weber State cafeteria.


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