A.A. Milne…


This week’s calligraphy prompt was to celebrate A.A. Milne, the author of all the Winnie the Pooh stories. His first book was published over ninety-two years ago this week. We are huge fans of Pooh Bear, in fact I just finished reading the first book again. So much fun and whimsy and innocence all rolled into the Hundred Acre Woods.

I have a book of ‘Pooh-isms” and read it multiple times before I settled on this quote. When I read this one out loud my husband and I both had a heartfelt chuckle. He sometimes forgets things, so this one seemed perfect. Once he saw the finished piece he asked for one to put in his office. I used a Pentel ink brush pen, a Copic .1 and .05 and warm grey, on watercolor paper.

Sometimes forgetting isn’t a bad thing. So much happens to us that if we had to relive it all the time we would go crazy. It is a good thing to not be able to remember the harsh, the painful, the cruel or the demeaning things of our past. To be able to let it all go having learned the lessons and to simply move forward in peace. Forgetting doesn’t mean it was unimportant, it simply means time has healed that wound and you are choosing to move forward in wisdom.

I enjoy these words of Winnie the Pooh as they serve to remind us to remember what makes us better, and apologize for what we weren’t remembering…then leave it at that. For a bear of very little brain it’s pretty smart think, think, thinking.


    1. The more you use them the more you will like them. I do not have much experience with brush pens, and I have been afraid of them for a while. This was my first real piece using them…it was fun, but I need a lot more practice.

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