If Success Came in a Can

If success did come in a can that could be purchased at the grocery store, what would it look like? How would it be sold? Super Sized? Spectacular success? Or would it be available in different flavors – interpersonal relationship flavor, financial flavor, career or job advancement flavor, or maybe even spiritual flavor? Would physical fitness be it’s own brand of success, and maybe diet plan success would come in the form of a shake instead of in a can? Would peace of mind success come in the form of easy bake cookies, and maybe success as a friend would come favored like chocolate? Would there be day old success or would failure always be on sale?

This country wisdom may have spelling errors, yet the sentiment is perfectly true. We tell ourselves can or can’t all the time; these are the words the voice in our head screams at us during different situations in life. These are the words people tell us and all too often we believe only the sentences that include the word “can’t”. And no, success is not sold at stores nor does it come in an actual can. That’s probably a good thing.

If success were easy then everyone would buy it, and then what would it mean? Part of the joy in reaching success is the hard work that went along with it. Whether it is accomplishing something through physical labor or intellectual effort, the joy of having made it is that much sweeter when we have struggled to get there. If there were no effort involved and everyone was successful, then when would we learn to stick it out, persevere, or overcome obstacles? How would we know what we are made of if we never had to work hard? Where would we earn our stripes and develop our character if we never had to struggle, face the word “can’t” or have to pick ourselves back up after making a big mistake?

As we all learn throughout life not everyone is successful at everything. We each have a talent or gift where we are able to do or understand things easily. That is part of what makes us unique, special and important. It is what we bring to this world and where we have the ability to leave our mark. To reach the “can” point in life we have to be willing to know and develop our own special talent or gift AND risk being misunderstood or clunky in the beginning. It also means we are bad and horrible at things, which is another reason why we need other people. No one is perfect or able to do it all, which is a big relief if you really think about it.

Whatever success looks like for you, remember it comes in the form of “can”. Keep trying, keep doing, keep working and eventually you will figure it out. Don’t let the “can’ts” get you down.

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