Warts and All


When we love someone that means we take the good with the bad, the brilliant with the mediocre, the strong with the weak. That can be a tough road to hoe when the other person does not reciprocate their love at the same level. It would be ideal if love were always returned in the manner and timeframe in which we want it, but in reality that doesn’t always happen. So the road to love, any kind of love, can be bumpy and rough and often very unattractive.

This pumpkin at a local Farmer’s Market made me think of loving people warts and all. Yeah that is easy to say and hard to execute on a continual basis. It’s wonderful when things are going right, it can feel almost impossible when nothing seems to be going anywhere near right. The warts make it hard to love, hard to cherish, hard to actually get beyond the surface to love the person inside. The bumps and bruises along love’s journey can make it seem easier to just quit.

We live in a time when it is easier to quit than to stick it out. No one wants to love someone’s warts and guess what, they don’t want to love your warts either. Maybe instead of working so hard to make that person the person you think they should be, we need to love who they are and get over our control issues. This pumpkin also made me think about my own warts and how blessed I am that the people who love me love me even when my warts are showing.

None of us is perfect…let me give you time for that to sink in.

None of us is perfect. You have flaws that everyone knows and hopefully they love and care for you even when you and your warts don’t deserve it. Maybe today is the day you are reminded to love and care for the bumpy people in your world, the ones that make it a little tough to be kind and generous and loving. The ones who have warts and rub your own warts the wrong way and who push your buttons or demand a better version of you than you think you have inside. Care for them anyway. The warts are what makes life interesting, different, a challenge and a joy.

How boring would the world be if we were all alike and all had the same warts? It is the pumpkin that had the interesting warts that I photographed simply because it was different and made me think. Love those people in your life today and be thankful that they love you warts and all.

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