Being Silly with Maude & Leona


Thanksgiving is closer than we think, only forty-four days until we feast. It is the National Holiday for Overeating, and what a great holiday it is. We have unleashed the festive spirit around our place and the sheep statues couldn’t help but join in the fun. Their names are Maude and Leona; they are named after my maternal grandmother and her sister. This is the first year they have wanted to be Pilgrims, so who could refuse. As you travel up our gravel drive they greet you at the top of the hill.

As this picture has made it’s way around, people smile and chuckle when they see these two sheep pretending. What more could you want from a statue? How silly to make people laugh by putting headbands on sheep statues. And what fun to take something simple, add a little color and whimsy to lighten the load.

When was the last time you did something silly? I mean really goofy? Something that would make you look foolish and childish and unhinged? And when was the last time you laughed until your sides hurt? When you laughed so hard tears ran down your face and you didn’t even care. We all need a good laugh every now and then. We all need to let loose and be silly; put aside the grown up things and have some fun. And what a gift to be able to open the door for other people to have fun.

Today your assignment is to be silly about one thing, have a good laugh, and make other people laugh. Years will pour off your smile and somehow the troubling things may become a little easier to bear. Take it from Maude and Leona, nothing says fun like a goofy headband on cement sheep…the effort is worth the smiles!

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