Now is the Time to Clear the Cobwebs


We all have areas of our lives, hearts, and mind where cobwebs have formed. Nothing new has happened there or nothing of real significance has passed through lately, so cobwebs have formed. It’s time to clear out the corners of dirt and yuck and tidy things up. The end of the year is near, which means the holidays are nearly upon us.

We have had huge spider webs this summer. This one was built right outside our garage door. I almost walked through it as we were putting out the trash. I think this web served as a reminder for me to clear the cobwebs, take out the trash, work hard enough to end the year on a clear note.

It takes time and energy to get your life in order. I don’t just mean closets and paperwork; I mean relationships, your mental state, the way you feel about your work and pastimes, and how you are spending your precious time and efforts. Why wait until New Years to make a resolution to change. Take time this week to reflect on who you are and who you want to be…then form a plan to get there. Clear out those cobwebs and move forward with pride and confidence.


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