Eli’s Emporium: Get Out There and Sell Your Stuff


Meet Eli. His parents are vendor’s at the John C Campbell Folk School Fall Festival, so Eli decided to open his own booth right next door. He greeted every person who was within hearing distance, “Hello, do you want to buy any of my stuff?” He then listed his inventory – magnets, fresh eggs from his chickens, more magnets and other fresh ‘things’ from his farm. When one person commented that they would have to think about it and Eli replied, “That’s ok, I’ll be here again tomorrow, so stop buy again.” He had his own sign, his own products, his own setup, and he even handled his own transactions and provided correct change. It was fun to watch this young entrepreneur in the making.

Eli didn’t complain about the hard work. He didn’t seem to mind that he was drenched in sweat from standing outside in the scorching sun. Eli was conversational, polite, knew his products and you had no doubt that he was there to sell, sell, sell. His childlike enthusiasm was contagious to everyone around him. He didn’t even think about what other people thought or how other booths were doing around him; he had laser focus and simply wanted to sell his stuff. And in all the hard work and sweat he was having a blast!

The beauty of childlike faith. The wonder of innocence and enthusiasm all rolled into a will that no one could shake. The reminder that we all started out that way at one time in our lives, then we got beaten down by life, adulthood, worrying about what other people think, and wondering if someone else was getting a better deal. We let the negative thoughts and experiences overrule the faith and enthusiasm until they were both squashed into the smallest space possible in our soul. As adults we now trudge through life and long for the unencumbered joy of days gone by.

Today I encourage you to shake it off and get back to what you REALLY want to do. Let go  of the junk, the noise, the pain, the fears and the idea that you are not good enough and simply get out there. Sell your stuff! Whatever it is you do, take a lesson from Eli’s Emporium and do it with a passion that makes people stop to see what you have to offer. Approach your day with the belief that everyone wants what you have and no matter what, keep selling it!

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