As the Consumer You Have the Option to Decide

For artists the hardest part about selling their work is setting a price. How do you put a value on all the time, energy, effort and experience it takes to create a one of a kind piece of art? If you simply add up the cost of the materials you do not represent all it takes to create. How do you value the idea, the execution, the layers, the successes and failures to get it good enough to sell? Artists have to take all that into account when setting a price.

When I saw this sign it made me think of all the artists out there selling the fruits of their years of labor. They have developed the skills needed to produce extraordinary work which is not cheap. To the consumer buying art they sometimes think they want a bargain which means buy low. They are not prepared to pay for the expertise and vision of the skilled artist. The two sides of this transaction seem to be in competition, but one cannot exist without the other.

This same challenge exists in most business transactions. One side wants to make money and the other wants to save money. One side wants to pay as little as possible and the other side wants to make as much money as possible. The win-win comes when both sides leave thinking they got a deal. It takes experience and knowledge for that win – win.

So where in your world are you willing to pay for skilled labor, and when are you always looking for a deal? Where would you put the fruits of your labor? Are you the skilled labor or the cheap labor? Maybe there are areas in your life where you are still learning and other areas where you are the expert. That’s what keeps life interesting; we are always learning, always growing, always developing ourselves into a better version of ourselves.

Let this post remind you that the articles you purchase each day were created by someone. Some of them were meant to be sold cheap and others deserve to be bought at top dollar. As the consumer you have the option to decide how you will spend your money. Let this sign serve as a valuable reminder – skilled labor isn’t cheap and cheap labor isn’t skilled.

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