Celebrate Autumn…

This week’s calligraphy prompt was to celebrate autumn. I spent time this week making wooden stamps and decided to play with those for the challenge. I used black ink to create a pattern with the words ‘ happy fall ya’ll’ then turned the page and wrote the same phrase with a larger nib. I then used copper ink on one of my new stamps and smeared it on the page.

Since we live in Georgia fall is an elusive concept. Today we were near ninety degrees, so the trees have only a bit of change. If you look hard you can see a few hints of orange and red creeping into a few branches of leaves. The nights are getting cooler so there is hope that Autumn will eventually arrive.

The beauty of change in this season is one of my favorite things. The trees no longer have enough light for photosynthesis so they lose their green. In essence they return to their natural color and reveal their true self. They stop working hard and can relax to show us what they are like when they are relaxed. The light changes, the days grow shorter, and the world seems to be relieved that things are winding down for the year.

Living in Georgia we get a little more time before cold weather arrives, and I enjoy taking advantage of that. It is our last chance to garden, prepare and rearrange before the seasons change again. And let’s face it ‘cold’ is relative down here and that too is a good thing. So today I celebrate Autumn and all that it brings to the table.

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