Sleep Well

We’ve had a hard couple days. Things have been a bit topsy turvy and tonight I find myself very tired. I found our cat Artie napping this afternoon and I envied his ability to sleep so soundly despite the interruptions. Cats are master nappers and actually spend most of their life asleep.

There are so many articles out there, so much research, so many books that highlight our need for a good night’s sleep. The challenge for many of us is that we mentally work hard all day and end the day not very physically tried. As a result our sleep is less than productive and we wake up without actually having gotten the sleep we need to face a new day.

Tonight I plan to sleep like our cat. I am going to let nothing disturb my slumber and I plan to do nothing that will interrupt my sleep. Tomorrow is a new day and it deserves a great rest to face it full on. I encourage you to do the same…sleep well!

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