Two Ends of the Spectrum of Life


These were the two items we bought at Walmart, a Yoga mat and Twinkies. When I commented on what they looked like, we laughed. Two extremes of life – the healthy and the eternal junk food, both in the same purchase. I see it as a reminder that there are always two ends of the spectrum and multiple options when making choices. The choices you make are the choices you will live with.

As we left we ate the Twinkies before we even made it to the car. Earlier in the day I started a new exercise routine and my muscles were hurting, so I felt okay in consuming the junkiest of junk foods…I only ate half the package!

I am very aware of my junk food addiction, my love of sugar and sweets, and my need for caffeine in the morning. I know I am not as flexible as I was many years ago, and I totally see the effects of age on the way my body behaves. I also know that exercise can help me improve things slowly and safely. I do not plan to pretend to be in my twenties or thirties or even forties anymore, I am well aware of my limitations especially as I feel the aches in my legs after exercising. However I do not plan to go gently into that good night. I plan to keep doing things, making things, working hard and enjoying the fruits of my labors even if my muscles hurt at the end of the day. Tomorrow is another day and I plan to exercise and work hard, and maybe eat a bit more junk food before the day is over.

What are your two ends of the spectrum? What parts of life are you seeing from a new perspective? What do you want to start doing, stop doing, do more of in order to be who you want to be? Maybe it’s diet, maybe its exercise, maybe it is a little of both or neither one. Being honest with yourself and knowing your own habits can make a huge difference in how you tackle today. Stop avoiding the muscle aches – which ever muscle you are exercising – and just do the work. Sure it is hard at first, but each time you do it your get stronger, faster, smarter and the pain eventually subsides. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, which may include a bit of discomfort when you start.

And let’s face it, there is always junk food out there to help reward yourself when the day is done.

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