Plant, Grow, Trim, Rest…Where are You?


We were crossing the street and I was astounded by the color of these flowers. I stopped in the middle of the intersection to snap a photo and this is what I saw. This bee didn’t even notice me, it just kept doing what it was doing. Fall will arrive soon in Georgia so this bee was gathering the last remnants of pollen before cooler weather arrives.

I spent the today pulling weeds and blowing leaves. It is time to prepare for fall. For about the new six to eight weeks we will be bombarded with leaves. They will cover every surface around our house, and if we do not move them they will become more than we can handle in Spring. So preparing and clearing becomes a regular part of our fall plans. I am also going to plant bulbs now so they will come up in the Spring, just another step in the preparation process.

Hard work is a good thing. It reminds us to be thankful for our health, our blessings and it reminds us that beauty is no accident. Someone or something has to do a lot of work in order for flowers to bloom, trees to thrive, and for the seasons to share all their glory each year when their turn rolls around. Sometimes the prep work can feel a bit tedious, especially because there won’t be anything to admire for months. Work hard now and then wait; time and Mother Nature will do their magic and before we know it warmer weather will be back and the flowers and green leaves will cover our land.

I thought about the bee today while I was working outside. I thought about the hours and energy spent doing their ‘job’ to mostly go unnoticed. We see the fruits of their labors much later then when they are actually doing the work. Preparation and hard work are not glamorous or exciting, but it must be done. And if it isn’t done there won’t be anything beautiful to see in March. It is the cycle of life – plant, grow, trim, rest.

So which stage are you in? Personally? Professionally? Are you planting seeds in order to yield a future harvest? Are you caring for things so they grow big and strong? Or are you trimming and preparing for another yield in the future? Maybe this is your time to rest. You may be in multiple of those phases in different areas of your life, the key is knowing when to plant and when to rest.

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