So Change It Is

Life hands us all sorts of options some come with their own built in sprinkles. Today did not end up the way I thought it would. We had a set of bookshelves collapse in our studio which created quite a mess. After saying a few choices words and letting my emotions get the best of me, I sat quietly to ponder our options.

Once the pondering was over I saw two options…quit or change. We could simply give up the game and let the mess overwhelm us or we could see this as an opportunity for change and move down a new path. We chose the latter and spent the rest of the day coming up with ideas of how to change things around. WE still have a huge mess and now we have a plan to reinvent the space so nothing like this ever happens again.

The things that happen to us do not define who we are, the way we react and then act is what determines who we are. We all have moments of uncontrolled responses, it is what we do after that that counts. I was reminded of this today and was glad that we chose to change instead of quitting. There is too much imagination and excitement still within us that needs to get out…so change it is.

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