The Honor System Still Works


We went into a store this weekend and saw this, coffee for sale on the honor system. I loved the fact that the store left the jugs of money on display for people to realize that the honor system really works. This tangible example reminded me that in a world where we seem to be losing touch with our morals there are places where we still value honesty. It may only be for a simple cup of coffee, yet the point is well illustrated.

Technology has developed faster than our moral code. We text and email to avoid actually talking to people. We buy things online and shop from home which prevents us from creating relationships with merchants. We have lost the ability to work on relationships and our character when it comes to dealing with people. We move so fast and in such a self-focused manner that we forget to think about the people all around us.  In a time where people pretend to be someone else when online, it is good to see physical evidence of people exhibiting character in simple things.

Character is who you are when no one is looking…so who are you? How does your character make itself known? What prevents you from being the person you want to be? Where do you have an opportunity today to show yourself to be a person who lives by and supports the honor system? Maybe it is buying a simple cup of coffee. sometimes simplicity is best.

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