How the Light Gets In…


The challenge this week in our calligraphy group was to be inspired by the Leonard Cohen song verse “there is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in“. It was a challenge with no other instructions other than to create something after reading those words. As I thought about it all week I realized darkness comes in so many forms, has so many entry points into our lives, and creeps into our world without us even realizing that is happening. I wanted to show something that exemplified those thoughts. I used watercolor paper, 6.0 Parallel Pen, Copic Pens in grey, Wink of Stella for the glitter and colored pencils.

So many times we fear what will happen if we act. Will there be retaliation? Will there be persecution? Will there be someone who disagrees with my actions and argues, protests, or belittles? Maybe I acted in haste? Maybe I was wrong in how I responded? Maybe there is a better response if I only give it a little time? Maybe if I wait the problem will go away or be forgotten. The quote that kept rolling around my head was, All it takes for Evil to triumph in the world is for good men to do nothing. Fear prevents us from acting.

There is a time and reason to act and act quickly. The longer we wait the harder it is to act. The first step is the hardest and once we move for the first time the second step isn’t so hard anymore. Once we begin the process of questioning ourselves, our motives, our reasons fear and doubt have the chance to take hold and anchor us into immobility. We need to employ wisdom and action in equal parts allowing both to guide our movements forward. Too much time alone and in our own heads can prevent us from doing anything let alone the right thing.

The light inside us wants to get out, it needs support and action for that to happen. It needs people willing to step up and step out for the goodness in this world. I believe the light will win when good men and women choose to act even when it makes them uncomfortable. No one said doing the right thing was the easy thing to do, or the popular thing to do, or the simple thing to do. It is the right thing to do and that is reason enough to act and prevent the darkness of this world from closing in and leaving us paralyzed in fear.


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