Able Bodied Men with Chain Saws

man cutting tress using chainsaw

I pride myself on being able to do things, fix things, work hard and see the fruits of my labor. My parents taught me how to use power tools, take care of a home, and how to figure things out for myself. My husband was brought up with those same skills, so together we can usually figure things out and do them ourselves. Usually is the key word in that statement.

Today we had a tree crew arrive to prune our trees and clear out some bushes. My husband and I started the clearing job in early Spring and wore ourselves to the bone removing what we could. The rest of the bushes were given a reprieve as we were too frustrated and tired to remove the big ones. When I heard the sound of the chain saw today and watched those bushes being ground to pulp, my hear slept with joy. It was confirmation that the job was too much for us and all we needed were able bodied men with chain saws.

I know I had guilt in not doing it myself. I wanted to be burly and strong and a real do it yourself-er. My pride taunted me as I saw those bushes everyday; it reminded me that I was putting off something I should do if I simply buckled down and did the work. Somewhere along the way wisdom arrived to soothe my self esteem. Could I remove all the bushes, probably. Should I do it myself, maybe. Could I afford to have someone else do it to simply get it done and move on, yes! Wisdom reminded me that knowing and doing are two different things. Just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean you are the best person to do it.

I think all too often we forget that lesson when we deal with people. We want them to learn so we leave them to do it for themselves when in reality maybe someone else has the experience, tools, and skills to do it better, smarter, faster. By hiring the right person to do the job we give them work, help them earn a living, and spend our time doing others things where we are the best person for the job. It doesn’t make us weak or less than to allow others to use their skills on our behalf, it means we are smart enough to know when to ask for help.

Pride can be a very fickle mistress. She usually leaves us feeling less than when what we really want is to feel good about ourselves. When we put pride aside and ask for help, knowing someone else can do it better than us, it allows us to learn to receive assistance and make our world better. I thanked the tree crew multiple times today and shared my appreciation for their hard work. As they drove away a great weight was eased, the bushes were gone, and I wasn’t in any physical pain. Wisdom is a good thing, so are able bodied men with chain saws.

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  1. My father’s home repair legacy was duct tape. My mother’s was “Call the ” followed by the profession which could best deal with the situation. In those days, plumbers didn’t usually need to call in an electrician for a consultation. Personally, I go to youtube, watch the video, then call the professional.


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