You Will be Amazed at the Person You Can Become


I have a dear friend who is a fabulous artist with jewelry, beaded embroidery and knitting. She just took a quilting class. Her first endeavor into that creative world. She loved it. She made this quilt square in class then made three more once she got home. She is having a blast and is soooo excited about learning something new AND how she can combine it with the unique things she already creates.

I am proud of her for stepping out of the world she knows and into a world with new tools, new techniques, new materials and new skill requirements. She already knew how to sew clothes, now she is ratcheting up her abilities to an entirely new level. She said she has ideas popping into her head and can’t wait until her skills catch up and she is able to execute her thoughts.

This friend is a great example to us all. She had the courage and gumption to step out and learn something new. She wasn’t sure what she would encounter, but she did it anyway. She moved past her fears and attended the class knowing she would be the least able person in the room. She was willing to step out of her creative routines and into a space where an entirely new world of ideas now pour through her head. It is so cool to see her energized and enthusiastic about her ideas, her future, and learning new skills. She is like a little kid with a key to the candy store; she can do anything she wants!

The process of learning changes everything. It allows us to exercise emotions that may have been dormant for years. Suddenly everyday activities are perceived through a new set of glasses. Our ignited passion and ideas splash over into other areas of our world. The fire has been fanned and it burns into the very core of our soul. We have confirmation that we are worthy of more than we currently know, even if we are content and happy in our current space. By learning something new we remind ourselves that our hopes and dreams are truly worth the effort, that we can imagine more and we can pursue things we once thought were beyond our reach. By trying we face failure head on and conquer the power fear and apprehension have on our hearts.

When was the last time you learned something new? When did you last step out of what you know and faced the unknown? And not just faced it but dared to believe you could do something different than what you do now? Maybe today is the day you scan the internet for the ‘thing’ you want to do and begin to dream that you can actually learn how to do it. Don’t let the money, or time, or energy, or your fears stop you. Just get out there and do it. You will be amazed at the person you can become if you take the first step and try something new.

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