This week’s calligraphy challenge was to create something using multiple resources to form a collage of some sort. I used stencils, paper and a Sumi ink pen to write the text. The center background was an experiment I played with one day, and it did not turn out the way I expected so I put it in a draw. Out of Sight out of mind. The paper scraps came straight out of my scrap box for brown and grey. When I opened the drawer to find the previous experiment I didn’t like I took a chance. Here is the final result of that chance.

This piece reminds me that sometimes things need to percolate before we are ready to use them. When I originally worked with the stencils the end result was not what was in my head, so I put it away in disgust. I felt disappointed and a bit frustrated. I had an idea that did not turn out, bummer. After a bit of thought, a bit of percolating, a bit of time for my subconscious to process the idea I was able to see the work differently. Time allowed me to see it from a different perspective and allowed me to release what I thought and embrace what it could become. I had to give up my old idea and get excited about something new.

I have also learned that wisdom is the better part of that process. There is a great quote about this: Creativity is allowing yourself to fail, Art is knowing what to keep. Giving yourself license to make mistakes, for things to not work the way you expected and not simply throng away the evidence that takes wisdom. Being able to pick it back up later and make something come alive is when you transition from creativity to art. This piece reminded me to never give up on the ‘mistakes’ and allow time to find another path.

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