When the Cappuccino Runs Out


We all have those days and times when our energy has run dry. We are tired, worn out, exhausted, or maybe just need a break from our regular life. This empty cappuccino mug reminded me that all things eventually run empty. That isn’t necessary a bad thing, it is more a reality of life.

The clue here is to know when you need a refill or when you have had enough. Sometimes a simple thing like caffeine can be what helps you get through a tired day. Sometimes you may need a nap to tackle the afternoon’s activities. Then there are the days when you know you are physically sick and need to rest for a long period of time. Being self aware of how your body and energy level works can have a big impact on your ability to live out your choices. For example, you may have a goal to work out three times a week and yet your energy level is not there. Do you rest to feel better or work out to stick to your goal? Only you can make that choice and only you will live with the choices you made.

In this mad paced world we forget that we can only do so much, we only have so much energy, we only have so many hours of sleep to help us get to our regular, high performing selves. If we sacrifice our own health too much it eventually catches up to us, and no amount of cappuccino can eradicate sleep deprivation. When the cappuccino runs out you have to face the choices and energy level you have left.

Take this as a reminder today to self check your energy level and act accordingly. Be it cappuccino or sleep, allow yourself the ability to do what it takes to be the real you, the effective you, the genuine you.

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