Gelato is the Answer for Everything


While we were in Italy we had Gelato three or four times a day; it was the answer for everything. If we encountered a train delay, time to get Gelato. When we were tired from walking or sight seeing, time to sit down and enjoy a little Gelato. When we had a hard travel day and were exhausted after all the turmoil, what better way to soothe our souls than to enjoy a lot of Gelato? When we were hungry and wanted something simple to eat, well of course the answer was Gelato.

Wouldn’t life be fantastic if every problem or situation could be answered by eating Gelato? Behind on your bills and can’t make ends meet, time to eat Gelato. Your significant other has left and you are facing life alone, that’s a great time to consume mass quantities of Gelato. You can’t decide what you want to do when you grow up, maybe a little serving of Gelato will help you decide! Should you change your hair style, time to eat a serving or two of Gelato. Can’t decide what to have for dinner, at least you can agree on Gelato for dessert.

The activity of serving and eating this tasty treat gives you time to process, time to slow down, time to think. While eating you are soothed and distracted by it’s luscious consistency and fruitful flavor; it helps put the rest of life’s problems into perspective. Gelato allows you to enjoy while deciding, taste while pondering, savor while contemplating. And when you are done you feel a sense of satisfaction and joy that will hopefully overflow into the other areas of your life. And if you don’t feel the joy or have all the answers yet, maybe you simply need another serving of Gelato.

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