Someone Has to Stand in the Gap

As we spent the week in Italy we all too often felt a Police presence, keeping watch and making sure everyone was safe. At times it felt a little disconcerting to see men with machine guns while admiring some of the world’s greatest architecture. It was a stark reminder that none of us knows what is going to happen next.

We saw every size, shape and color of person who converged on Italy to enjoy themselves. We heard languages from every continent and families of every variety. We saw selfies, group tours, family fights and tired people who had walked too much and just needed a bit more gelato. And just when we forget about the world around us we would turn the corner and see the Italian Police with guns and armor plated vehicles protecting us all.

Freedom isn’t free. Someone has to stand in the gap and keep watch while we eat too much pizza and gelato, enjoy an afternoon cappuccino or walk down one more side street. It may make us uncomfortable to see them, but we would all be much more uncomfortable if they were not there. Gracie to them all, we appreciate your service and sacrifice.

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