It’s a Small World After All

We enjoyed an evening in the Santissima Annunziata Square celebrating the Festa Della Rificolona (Festival of the Paper Lanterns). It celebrates the birth of the Virgin Mary and all the children of the community make lanterns. We sat on the steps next to this little girl who was excited to be staying up past her bedtime and couldn’t wait for everyone else to arrive. She let her Mom hold her lantern until the crowd got bigger.

Just like any small town in the world the people who live in this community enjoy spending their Friday night with family and friends. There were the children who were running around coming off of a cotton candy sugar high, grandparents indulging them more and more. Tired parents sat in the steps watching the madness, and the Town Master of Ceremonies talked too much while stalling until the parade arrived. Everyone waited in anticipation for the festivities to begin, including those of us who were out of town bystanders.

As we absorbed the energy and fun it reminded me of our small town. The people were exactly the same only this group spoke a different language. They love their children, enjoy the fun, ate too much food that was bad for them, and celebrated being part of a town that values family and good, clean fun. It reminded me of our holiday parade and how everyone gathers to wait for the fun.

Though the world is an amazingly large, wide and vast place it is really a small planet. Family means the same thing no matter what language you speak. Children love candy and bright colors, things that light up and being able to run around without parental control. Parents love sharing special time with their children. Towns enjoy celebrating and organizing things and bringing people together. Its a small world after all.

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  1. Also want pics of an Italian grocery store. Not the Kroger kind. The little stores with oils, breads, cheeses.
    Never heard of the Festival of the Lanterns. It must have been great.


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