To Survive on Only Bread and Water


It is possible to survive on only bread and water, depending upon the bread and water. Here is our typical breakfast of croissants and cappuccino. Between the sugar and the caffeine we could manage anything that the day had in store for us. We spent one morning eating in little cafe in Florence with all the locals. While everyone enjoyed their morning pastry and coffee the conversation and energy was already underway.

Eating with the locals reminded me that living life is simple no matter where you reside. All we really need are the basics of life – food & water, shelter, safety, something to do and someone to love. After all that is managed or provided the rest is simply a bonus. We may speak different languages or live in different style communities, homes and places but as people we all really want and need the same things. When we keep things in that perspective life is more manageable and livable.

So today I encourage you to give thanks for the bread and water of your life. Live with an attitude of gratitude for what you have knowing that not everyone who wakes up this morning will live in a place where all their needs are being met. Too many on this planet will be searching for food and water while we live a life full of croissants and cappuccino.

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