The Prize Outside of the World’s Tiniest Elevator

We arrived in Florence in the afternoon and had a quick twelve minute walk to our hotel, or so we thought. The hotel website gave us three different versions of directions, and when we finally got to the location the door had to be opened by a neighbor to let us inside. We discovered that the hotel was a “boutique” hotel with only six rooms and two locations. After climbing three flights of stairs with multiple bags each we were dripping with sweat. When we got to the top and discovered the door to the actual hotel area was locked we called and the owner announced we were at the wrong location. We stomped back down three flights of stairs, walked around the block two more times to find the ‘other’ location.

After a lot of excuses and one more flight of stairs combined with the tiniest elevator on the planet, we arrived. We got to our room, dumped our bags and began to forage for food. We went two blocks and found the Duomo awaiting our arrival. It was alive with light and people as if to remind us why we came to Florence in the first place. This is the scene we found and instantly all the other stuff melted into a funny story, or at least we hope it will be funny tomorrow.

Travels reminds us that not everything can be controlled, not everything will be as you expected, and not everything is funny when it is actually happening to you. Travel also reminds that the world was not built in a day, some things do last the tests of time, and most things are worth the wait.

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  1. Needs pics of elevator, hotel, room, and what you and KB had for lunch and dinner. also need pics of nearby pastry shops and gelateria.


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