Being Dragged Kicking and Screaming Towards Your Own Future


Life is a funny journey. The times when we are being dragged kicking and screaming into or out of a situation are all too often the times when we learn the most. They are the situations, lessons, circumstances when we face moving forward even though we may not feel ready or prepared. Like this little elephant we pull back, resist or dig our feet in to prevent going where we don’t think we want to go.

We resist due to fear of the unknown, fear of not being prepared, fear of not being in control. Too often we hesitate in heading into the new and different purely because we do not know what is going to happen. We forget to trust and believe in our own skills enough to remember that we got this far, so we can handle whatever comes our way. We also forget that we are not alone. We didn’t get here simply because we are fabulous, we got here by learning and growing and pushing past boundaries that were real or imaginary, and through the support of those who have helped mold and shape us. We forget to trust the people who are encouraging us, teaching us, guiding us towards a better and brighter future.

Sure, horrible and unexpected things happen to us all. Tales of woe and disappointment, pain and loneliness filter throughout all of our lives. No one can prevent or avoid any of those things. What we can do is learn, grow, and ignite in our selves the stamina and character they build to help us face the next unknown adventure. Instead of letting the past pain create fear and uncertainty about the future we can use that pain to build our own emotional courage. No one wants to be a victim or end up as the walking wounded. So it means making a choice to not let the pain from our past control how we react to the future. Moving forward means deciphering what you can control and what you cannot control, wisdom is knowing the difference.

So where are your heels dug in? Why you not moving forward because you are not in control or feel uncertain? Maybe the place you are being dragged towards kicking and screaming is the exact place, lesson or circumstance you need in order to learn and grow. Maybe what you fear is exactly what you need to conquer in order to be prepared for bigger and better and brighter elements of your future. Are you willing to risk avoiding the current challenge to simply end up unprepared from your fabulous future? Only you can choose to go willingly and enjoy the ride.

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