Ask Yourself the Tough Question…


I had several conversations with people this week in regards to choices they are making about their lives – which way to go, what areas to pursue, having confidence that the path they are following will lead them where they want to go. This hallway reminded me of those conversations. I walked into it and had a moment of confusion. I had to stop and look carefully to be able to understand which way to go. It took me a few seconds for my option to resonate in my brain so I could then begin to move with confidence.

It is that same moment of confusion as we make life choices. Am I choosing the right major in college? Is this the city where I want to look for a job? Where do I want to live? Do I need another degree or certification? Is this someone with whom I can spend my life? What do I need to do or change to get where I want to go? Is my dream silly, will it ever work, is it worth fighting for? So many choices, so many options, so many things to keep in play in order to go the right direction.

So many of these conversations revolved around evaluating choices and options. So much to consider. This is when I interject one simple questions, what do you want? It may be a simple question but it is not always easy to answer. Sometimes knowing what we don’t want is easier than figuring out what we do want. I ask people to make a list of what they want and want whey don’t want. Let the list percolate, marinate, absorb into the subconscious long enough for your heart and mind to get in sync.

Dig deep. Ask the hard questions of yourself and your family. What do you want enough that you are willing to make changes, decisions, sacrifices to have it? NOT what do people tell you that you should want. NOT what your relatives tell you to want. NOT what the media, your boss, your brother-in-law or your neighbor want. It is about what YOU want! That can be a tough one when we put some many things, people, and activities ahead of our own peace and joy. If we are not willing to work towards our own peace and joy then what value do we bring to the other people in our lives. Only by being our genuine selves can we help others do the same.

So ask yourself the question, what do you want? Stop and stare down the path that you currently travel and don’t make another life changing decision until you are sure and confident about which way to go. It may take longer yet at the end you will be where you have chosen to be, and be glad you got there.

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