The Personal Capacitor Analyzer Doesn’t Exist


This Capacitor Analyzer measures capacitance which is the ability for a system to store an electronic charge. To the untrained eye it can seem impossible to decipher what the actual reading or capacity of the item being measured contains. It takes both knowledge and skill to make sense of it all. This version of the tool was replaced years ago by a simpler and more accurate technology.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had our own capacity measuring tool? We could know when we had more to give, more time to share, more energy to get things done. We would also know when we were close to our capacity and it was time to delegate or simply say ‘No’. We would know when to rest and when to wind things up and get things done. In the world of humans we call this self awareness or the ability to know ourselves well enough to be able to manage and adjust our thoughts and emotions to the situation.

Some people know themselves from an early age. They know when they are nervous, too emotional, getting angry or on the brink of getting sick. For some their ability to read the situation and their reactions to it is what helps them succeed beyond their own imagination. They have taken time and invested it in knowing themselves which enhances their ability to know others. For others self awareness is an elusive concept they see no need to pursue. They roll with the punches, take each situation as it comes and enjoy living life on the edge. These unaware individuals have no idea how their own strengths or flaws impact those left in their wake. They barrel through work and life clueless about how their lack of self awareness hinders, harms or hurts others. They get in their own way which means they can’t help but get in the way of others.

The journey of self awareness is a rocky road. It has it’s ups and downs, stinky situations and thorny paths. Learning means being willing to admit there is more to know, being willing to fail, and understanding that someone else may know better than you. Self awareness requires living the highs and the lows, the overwhelming and the disappointing. These are the times when a capacity meter would be helpful. plug in, read the status, and know better your ability to handle things or let them go. Gain the skills and knowledge to be able to read yourself. To thine own self be true, which means you. need to know yourself, your skills and your abilities first before you can share and give to others. Where is that personal capacitor analyzer when you need it?

We all know life is not that simple, that easy, that black and white. The only meter we have is internal. Life is a journey that we choose to experience or ignore, or something in-between. Each day provides the opportunity to learn about ourselves and hence know others better. We can face ourselves including our strengths and weaknesses, moving closer to self awareness. Or we can blindly blunder through what is happening and make our way through it all by ourselves. The choice is yours, so choose wisely.

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