You Can’t Handle Them Hastily


People are a lot like beautiful glass. We can plainly see their shape, size and color. We can identify other things about them simply from their appearance. These facts are the most obvious elements that contribute to the appearance of the piece. Unfortunately they do not tell us everything we could want to know, they only provide external information.

It is only by looking inside the glass that we are able to truly understand. For it is the inside that reveals the true worth and value of the piece. Inside is where the secrets, the virtues, the work is done. Inside is where the essence of beauty is contained. Sure we can see sensational elements of the glass from the outside, but it doesn’t reveal the most important parts. Only by taking the time to look within do we have the ability to understand and grasp the value of what we see.

I had an amazing conversation with a woman who shared her personal struggle. From the outside she was beautiful, smart, talented and a strong leader. On the inside she was suffering from the pains of addiction and release. Her son was recovering from a six year addiction to opioids and only in the past few months had he begun to show glimmers of himself, his true self, the man who was trapped inside by prescription drugs. Her family had been ripped apart and she only now felt the person she was inside coming back to life. Those around us had no idea how she was bearing her soul, how she needed to tell her story, how she longed for someone to see the woman she was within. She and her family had survived the worst of the worst and they were still living, loving and hopeful for a new and better future.

We interact, walk by, talk to so many people. We live with them, work with them, share public spaces with them and only see the outside. It’s the easy part, the fragile glass shell that contains their true essence. We are clueless to understand and know what is really going on inside. We have no idea of their challenges, their strengths, their weaknesses, their fears and their hopes. Only by handing them with care can we really get to know what is inside. People are like glass, you can’t handle them hastily and expect to fully understand the value from the outside. It takes time and relationship to see what is going on within and comprehend the beauty and value they bring to life.


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