Be Someone’s Version of Buttermilk


Advertising and marketing are amazing. When I think of Buttermilk I do not think of pep and zip. According to this sign I am totally off base, if I want more pep and zip I need to drink buttermilk. Who knew? I do appreciate the enthusiasm and energy for buttermilk, even if I do not feel the same.

Some days you just need a little enthusiasm or encouragement to keep going. Circumstances and life are wearing you out, and you need to borrow or absorb someone else’s pep and zip! So who do you call? Who in your world is the one person you can depend upon to have the right words to say to pick you up off the floor? We all need these people and very much appreciate the gift they provide when they pump us up.

Maybe today it’s your turn to be that person for someone else? Maybe you need to be their version of buttermilk and lend them some of your pep and zip! You need to be the one to offer a smile, a kind and encouraging word, and let them know that they can do it. They might know it within themselves intellectually yet they need your input to remind them of their talents and skills. Be the cold glass of buttermilk and send them on their way full of hope and energy. And be sure to drink a glass for yourself because you can’t help and encourage anyone else if your own glass is empty.

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