Got Stuck?


This is that moment when everything comes to a screeching halt and you realize you are stuck. There is no escape, there is no easy way out, there is no faster way to resolve the situation. All you can do is sit there and wait it out. And everyone around you is in the same situation, same circumstances, with the same inability to do anything about it other than wait it out.

Traffic can feel a lot like life. Certain circumstances and situations make us feel this exact same way. Job hunting, life changes, or even exciting things like the birth of a child or finding a new place to live can leave us felling anxious and helpless. Just like traffic life does not always move at the pace we desire. We want what we want when we want it and like traffic life does not always comply.

You have a several choices when life or traffic strike. You can get upset and frustrated and let your blood boil, harming no one but yourself or those who are unfortunately in your path. You can try and figure another way out, simply to realize that you are not in control and there is no other way out. You can turn on your favorite book, music or program and enjoy the peace you create for yourself while being stuck. Or you can turn everything off and think. Let your ideas and time alone allow you to think new thoughts and elaborate on your ideas. Let the stuck state allow you to clear your mind and generate something new and exciting.

In the end only you can choose how you will respond, and who will gain or be punished by being trapped with you in your emotions or savor the calm that is your oasis. How did you react the last time you got stuck? Have no fear it will eventually happen again. Maybe next time you will think and behave differently, only you can decide.

What do you think - write your thoughts here!

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