Know Thyself and Take a Deep Breath

raindrops photography

We have had rain predicted for the last couple days and nights. It has come in short spurts drenching everything then evaporating away just as quickly as it fell. Everything still looks a little dry and in need of more rain. You know how you feel when rain persists for over a week. You begin to feel a bit damp, like your sleeping bag at summer camp or a wet towel that never quite gets dry. You are glad God is watering your world, and yet you will be glad to see the sun shine brightly soon.

The rain today made me think of how we manage the wanted and the unwanted circumstances of life. An accident that you were not expecting, a toothache that won’t go away, a bill that surprises you, or someone you have not seen in years showing up to say hello. Life always has a way of surprising us, bringing joy and pain when we least expect it. As we live our lives we learn how to manage things by the way we know ourselves.

I have a friend who loves rainy days, they are her favorite thing. She enjoys the fact that rain makes her slow down, move a bit more cautiously, and she savors the fact that everything is getting some much needed water. She knows herself well enough to plan accordingly when those clouds arrive. She goes into rain mode and does not let it bother her. She does what she knows she can then relaxes and lets the rest wait until she is ready to face it on the next sunny day. I admire that she knows what the rain does to her energy level and psyche and she doesn’t let it get her down. I have learned from her to pay attention to how the weather impacts how I feel and not make myself feel lesser than because it does.

If I had to sum up the lesson in one phrase it would be know thyself and take a deep breath. The sun will come out again soon, and everything will be stronger and healthier for the rain. So I will take another deep breath and to quote Scarlet O’Hara from Gone With the Wind…tomorrow is another day.

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