The Simple Pleasures


This is Finley, our niece’s dog. He was given a smoked bone as a gift, and once he had it in his mouth he was never seen without it. He spent the afternoon chewing, gnawing, working hard to get all the flavor and fun out of it. We all had fun watching him enjoy this simple pleasure.

Nowadays there are sooooo many ways to be entertained it can be hard to narrow it down to just one or two. Because we have so much stuff more and more people work to find different and interesting experiences. They don’t want more stuff they want an experience instead. Thrill seeking, cultural, exotic travel, experiences that involve science and there are even do it yourself experiences to mix friends and learning to make a new event. As many ways as you can imagine are there to spend your time and money and create a thrilling new adventure.

Then there are the moments filled with simple pleasures. Eating a candy bar, watching a sunset, sitting in a chair listening to the birds, or simply reading a good book. These simple moments can be the best, most relaxing times. They don’t require much planning, and they don’t cost much if anything. They allow us to relax without having to be ‘on’, and without having to plan. In our rushed and planning packed days, it can be a real respite to enjoy the simple pleasures; they allow us to wind down, clam down, savor the moment, and remember who we are and what we want.

The challenge comes when we have to NOT plan, not organize, not surround ourselves with a party or event, we simply have ourselves. It means we have to like who we are and want to be with ourself. We have to endure and enjoy the quiet and put the media and electronics aside. It means turning off our phone and being present in the moment, allowing the simple pleasure of life to sink into our bones.

Do you have the guts to enjoy a simple pleasure today? Can you handle it? Are you willing to simply sit and let the quiet of your world surround your soul? Throw yourself a bone and dig in…pun intended!

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