Enjoy the Silence


On this dark night we could clearly see the reflection of the city lights on the river. It was eerie and beautiful, calming and romantic. We all stood in silence as we peered into the water and listened closely to the water lapping upon the rocks. Each of us absorbed in our thoughts and enjoying the simple pleasure of light on water. It was nice to be able to be with people you care about and not have to say a word.

Later that night as I slowly drifted off to sleep I could still hear the water, feel the mist, and see the beautiful shades of white and blue dancing on the water. It was peacefulness I had not experience in a while. We live in the woods and hear the birds and insects, savor the fireflies and enjoy the squirrels jumping from tree to tree. We do not have a large body of water, so being able to enjoy the river was a delight.

The next evening we ate dessert outside and chatted about the fun of summer. As the evening slowly grew older we had long moments of silence where each of us was enjoying the silence of the grass. Again absorbed in our own thoughts, enjoying the fellowship and camaraderie and the time we had together which is all too rare. And it was another reminder that being with people doesn’t always mean filling the time with sound; some of the best moments are the ones bathed in silence.

So who can you spend time with and still be silent? When are you able to really enjoy the sounds of summer without having to add your own? When was the last time you spent moments in silence simply because you could? We forget that some of our best times are when we enjoy the silence; let today be a day when you practice silence and enjoy it all.


  1. Iwish you had made a piece of artwork to go along with this. Quiet with your loved one is sometimes the best conversation to have.


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