This week’s calligraphy prompt was ‘flourish’. We could do anything around that topic, and I was stumped. I did not have any ideas come to mind, so when given a word where do you go but to the dictionary to review the definition. I chose the definition for the verb form, it sparked an idea in my head. The definition reads as follows: grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way especially as a result of a particularly favorable environment.

Each week we receive a prompt and then we have three weeks to post a work related to the prompt. I joined this private group to challenge myself to create something new every week. We are in week twenty-seven and as I look back on the many weeks already done, I am encouraged. I committed to creating something new and had to often remind myself that the works were not meant to hang in a museum. The group is designed to share tools, methods, encouragement and create a habit of being innovative. When I read the definition of the verb flourish I thought it totally describes what is happening with our group.

Artists from all over are submitting work, describing how they created it and the tools they used; the encouragement and creative questions have been inspiring and a great resource for ideas. It has been fun to watch new calligraphers gain confidence and experience, and it is amazing what the experts in the group bring to us all each and every week.

I was stumped by the word flourish until I changes my thought process. Instead of focusing on what a flourish is – the elaborations before or after letters – I focused on the actual process of flourishing. Be it a plant, an animal, a child, or an artist we all need to have an environment where we are able to grow and develop. If we don’t have the environment right now then we need to seek one out or create it for ourselves. We all need to test our skills, grow our skills, experiment and fail. And we need a safe place to do all that on a consistent basis.

Where do you flourish? What makes you grow and develop into a better version of yourself? What is preventing you from flourishing? Do you have the courage to leave it behind and move into a better space? Or have you grown too comfortable to want to makes the changes needed to take your world to the next level? We all need a place to flourish, find yours and spend some time there this week.


    1. I used a parallel pen and did not press hard when writing. You can also get that effect with rougher paper. I can tell you are learning, you are asking GREAT questions!


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