Begging for Attention


When we have been out of town, our cats get a little needy. Here you see Artie sitting underneath my work table in our studio. He has never done this before, so it was a clue for me that he needed some attention. He ended up falling asleep on the box and slept there most of the afternoon.

We all need attention, confirmation and affirmation. We need to know that we matter, what we do matters, and that someone cares. The challenge comes in when we don’t really know how to ask for it, so we get needy. We beg for attention in different ways. We talk faster, louder, or longer. We sit closer, eat slower, or text more often. We show up and sit until the other person pays attention. And when all of that doesn’t work we begin to act out. We make noise or bang things around, we get controlling or we start to nit pick. We do anything to get the attention we crave, even when we do not realize that is what we are doing.

With all the electronic gadgets it can be hard to realize that people still want and need personal interactions. We still need to be seen, understood and affirmed. No matter how many texts we send or emails we write, no matter how well an imogi expresses our emotions, we still need the personal touch. Which means we have to make time, take time, dedicate time to interacting with people on a personal level. We need to put down the devices and touch the people. If we don’t the time will come when they no longer seek our attention, they will have found someone or something else to fill the void.

Today is the day to start paying closer attention to the signs; someone you know and love is probably begging for attention. Your challenge is to stop and give them the attention they deserve, for one day you will need the attention returned.

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