The Most Dangerous Place on Earth


At one time or another we have all been in situations where we experience fear. We go to a scary movie, we walk down a dark street alone, we face a life challenge, or we dread checking the balance in our bank account. There is a reason we experience fear, in many situations it is a natural reaction and one that keeps us safe. Fear brings out our fight or flight responses and we have to choose the right way to proceed. Not all fear is bad, at times it is natural and allows us to think differently in order to stay safe.

Some of the things we fear may be of our own making; they are the result of poor decisions, our reactions to circumstances, our own inability to face the truth, or we may fear the next step. That next step may mean a job change, a life change, a medical issue or a family situation. The unknown has now become an element in our world, sort of like an unwanted dinner guest; the one that stays way too long, doesn’t take the hint, and never seems to know when they have overstayed their welcome. Suddenly we wake up with fear in our heads and no matter how hard we work or distract ourselves, fear is always lurking in our thoughts. We’re behind, we’re under the gun, we’re stressed out, and we find ourselves ill equipped to handle what stands before us. The stairs seem tall and deep while our energy level is low and fading fast.

Unfortunately most of us begin to think more when we are afraid. Our imaginations take over and we build what was a small speck into the Grand Canyon; before we know it we are sinking, or fading, ruined, or poor and living on the street simply because we have let our imagination run wild. We’ve lost everything and no one likes us or will help, when in reality no one even knows what we are afraid of saying out loud. It’s all in our heads and the minute we can muster the courage to tell just one person – poof! – fear has lost it’s power and the next step is not so frightening. There are a lot of dangerous places on earth, the darkest and most treacherous are the six inches between our ears. All too often we are our own worst enemy when it comes to facing fear.

I know this. I really do. I have experienced it and done it to myself on way too many occasions; and yet I still fall prey to it more often than I care to admit. Fear is a powerful emotion and reaction, and when you add in the power of our own imaginations it can seem insurmountable. I also know to never underestimate the power of sharing your woes with someone else. They may not solve it, but they will surely put it into perspective. Their view of how high the steps really are, or their view into the truth behind your dilemma has the power to release you from the prison you have created in your own mind. Having the courage to simply tell one person the truth crushes the power of fear.

So what are you afraid of? What secret has you in bondage? What step are you afraid to take because you are too tired, too paralyzed, too uncertain to be able to move? We’ve all been there, we all know that sense of dread when the alarm clock goes off and you have to face one more day with the monster in your mind. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Realize that you are not alone in feeling this way, no matter what your brain says. The situation will end and you will get past this; maybe today is the day you tell just one person what you are afraid of and the air begins to seep out of the ballon and fear slowly subsides. Blurt it out quickly, like ripping off a band aid. The minute you do the next step may not seem so scary.

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