The Creative Birthday Gift


For my birthday my husband baked me a gluten free birthday cake with stars galore on top. I had lunch with my parents, my husband and I had a simple dinner, then we went to the movies. It was a nice way to celebrate the day. I received well wishes from family and friends and started my day with a piece of cake and a glass of milk. What more can you want to start a special day?

I appreciated the cake most. My husband took the time to shop for the ingredients, bake the cake, ice it, and put colorful decorations on top. I think I find that special because he did it instead of buying one. My husband is a great cook, not so much a fan of baking, So the fact that he went to all that effort meant a lot to me. It’s not the big show, fanfare or a spectacle that matter it is the simple things we do to show how much we care.

It is one thing to love people, it is another to know them…and I mean really know them. Know what they like, what they dislike, what is important to them, and what matters most in their world. We tend to plan things that we want to do, thinking that the other person will enjoy it too. It takes effort and ingenuity to plan things that the other person will like, especially when you know you won’t. Think about the audience more than yourself. Do it because they want to do it even if you will be miserable. I had a friend who adopted a six month old, and she was exhausted. When her husband asked what she wanted for her birthday she jokingly said eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. On her birthday he told her to get ready for bed, he blindfolded her and put her in the car. He escorted her into a hotel room, tucked her in, then said he would be back in the morning.  She said it was the best gift she ever got.

Thank to everyone for the well wishes and birthday greetings. Thank you Kevin for the cake, the movie and the walk around town. Thank you Mom and Dad for lunch. And thank you God that I get to have another year on earth enjoying life and being creative.

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