Seven: The Power of Optimism

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Robin Roberts

When her professional basketball career did not turn out the way she wanted, she had to shift. So Robin Roberts became an NBA commentator, one of the first female commentators on camera, then leveraged that role to move to Good Morning America. All of this after having survived cancer and a rare blood disease. Needless to say, she understands the concept and power of optimism. Let her words sink into your skin:

You have to change the way you THINK in order to change the way you FEEL.

-Robin Roberts

None of us feels great every day. There are good days and bad days, ups and downs. Yes our bodies do not always perform the way we want, yet how much of that can be changed or impacted by how we think? The most powerful organ in our body in our brain, and yet most of us only use about ten percent of our mental capacity. What would our lives look like if we tapped into our thoughts from a more focused perspective? If we changed what we think about into optimistic, positive thoughts? If we dared to focus our minds on changing how we feel by changing how we think?

Sickness, disappointment, uncertainty and even change can be mitigated by harness the power of optimism. If we expect good things, they come. When we expect the worst, it usually happens. What if instead of letting our circumstance rule our thoughts, we rule our thoughts around optimism in order to better rule our circumstances? If we let everything that happens to us push us into a mindset then we are destined to be confused, frantic and feeling out of control simply because it is Wednesday.

When we choose how we are going to react, behave, and feel then we can harness the power optimism provides. This is not that Pollyanna all things are fabulous thing, it does work. Control what we can – which is our attitude and our thinking – and we then have the ability to face whatever comes our way. Optimistic is a muscle we have to use, grow and train. Use your optimism today to see how you can move yourself and your world forward.

Only six more pieces of art until I hit one thousand. I am channeling my inner optimism to get me to that finish line! Stay tuned…

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