Eight: Don’t Be Scared of It – Embrace It!

Ink on watercolor paper- Words: Maya Lin

As an architect, Maya Lin was commissioned to create a memorial for a famous aviator. She knew nothing about flying. As she studied and learned, and let that learning improve her architectural design, she said the words in today’s quote. To fly we have to have resistance. How true for all areas of our lives in which we want to fly.

Just when you think things are all smooth sailing and it’s time for a nap, the bomb hits and everything seems to fall apart. People let you down, processes fail, systems go caput and anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This is the time when self doubt and agony can take over. We do not fail to see why we are doing this when all is well. It is when things go crazy, zany, madness all around us that we wonder why are we doing what we are doing. That is called resistance.

No one who ever accomplished anything did it through calm seas and lazy afternoons napping on the beach. They did it through hard work, turmoil, change, frantic nights, sleepy days and ideas racing through their heads as if a NASCAR championship was being hosted by their thoughts and emotions. Those who dare to endure, who push through those mad-capped adventures are the ones who move forward. Success is not for the easily dissuaded. Success is for those who are willing to take the punishment that success requires, actually demands, in order to reach the end goal.

So, having a bad time of it – that is resistance. Are people doubting you, mistakes being made, things feel like they are falling apart – that is resistance. Are people asking you why you are doing this – that is resistance! Are you beginning to wonder why you are feeling like a crazy person – that is resistance. To fly we have to have resistance – so bring it on! Nothing good ever happened without resistance. Don’t be scared of it – embrace it!

Only seven more to go until I will have posted my one thousandth piece of work…stay tuned!

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