Building Your Life and Your Tomorrow

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: MariA Edgeworth

Our days are filled with moments and options. What to do? What not to do? What can be left for another day? And what must be done today in order to move forward tomorrow? It can be hard to know which moments to manage and which ones to leave alone. All the moments of our lives build the years of our lives. These words from Maria Edgeworth remind us that if we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.

There are moments of tenderness, precious times and events that add shimmer to our lives. Celebrations, life events, even challenges we surmount and leave behind as me forward in triumph. There are the moments to leave alone, let them be as they are then settle into our souls. They eventually turn into precious memories we cherish for the rest of our years.

There are moments of conflict, disappointment, trouble and strife. Loss, mistakes, problems and even pains that haunt us. These dark moments leave us feeling a bit weak or vulnerable and too often leave scars. We have a hard time leaving these moments behind. Their presence has left us wanting, they have changed us forever. Life lessons, tears, sadness and yearnings come from these moments, yet they too are part of any life. There is no joy without pain. These moments we may dread and yet they are a vital part of our journey.

What moments in your recent week are you cherishing or leave you feeling dread? What can you keep and what do you need to leave? What do you need to do to put those moments into perspective? In the end it is not our emails, social media, downloads or logins that make us who we are. It is the moments we live fully, deeply, completely that define us. Stack all those moments up and your life spans before your eyes. So take care of the moments in your today for they are building your life and your tomorrow.

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