That Rain WILL Arrive

Ink on gel printed paper – Words: John F. Kennedy

Today I thought of these words as I was cleaning outside around our house. We have had rain for weeks and today was the first warm day. You could hear the birds and everything in nature breathing a sigh of relief. The last thing I wanted to do was clean things up, and yet that is exactly the time to do it…when the sun is shining.

There are much better ways to utilize a sunny day than cleaning up after a long, soggy Winter…and yet in the end, there will be more work and more sunny days than I can count. Getting to it, getting things done made the sunshine that much more sweet. Tomorrow I will probably do the same, clean up and get ready for Spring. I have lived here over twenty years and know that the rain will come back, flowers will sprout and – as Kennedy put it – the roof will need repairing. Better to do It while I can than suffer the consequences of waiting too long and then it rains.

So what’s the thing you need to jump on to be prepared for rain? My guess is it isn’t particularly exciting, or something that will go viral on social media, yet if you do not do it while the sun is shining you will kick yourself once the rain arrives. The joys and chores of life are often one in the same. We do them to sustain the life we live, the one we have worked so hard to build. And what we want is more important than anything, even if that means spending a few sunny days repairing our roof. So get up, get to it, and enjoy the sunny day, the work and the outcome knowing that you will be well prepared when that rain arrives…and we all know that rain WILL arrive!

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