All the Better For It!

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Maxwell Maltz

Sometimes I hear people talk about how wonderful life would be if there were no more problems. They are worn down by the challenges in life and ready to give it all up for smooth sailing and no tidal waves. I get that, when things go wrong they can go REALLY wrong, which is often more then we think we want to endure. Yet how boring would life be if we never encountered anything out of the ordinary?

It might be wonderful for a while, eventually boredom would become the norm. Everyday would be vanilla, certain and nothing would be a challenge. We wouldn’t grow, learn or change in anyway. It almost sounds like living life on a cruise ship that sails round and round in circles with no destination. We go places and yet go no where.

What if we look at the tough times from another perspective? What was the last real challenge you encountered, and what did you learn from it? How do you feel about yourself now that you are on the other side? And if someone else were to encounter a similar challenge, what advice would you give them? We don’t have a chance to grow and become better if we do not encourager problems, we need obstacles to conquer. We need goals to reach, we need things to challenge us in order to become a stronger, better version of ourselves.

So let those things that are driving you insane drive you towards your best self. Let the road bumps, the tidal waves build your character and willpower into something incredible. And know that the best people you know have traveled this trail and are all the better for it.

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