Utter the Words, Watch Your World Expand

Ink on Mixed media Paper – Words: Louise Penny

For our fourth week in our fifty week calligraphy challenge, it was my turn to create the prompt. I wanted to do something to make people think about permanent words and the message they would put on their body as a tattoo. Whether they like tattoos or not, this one made them think. I have utilized word by Louise Penny from a murder mystery series. The big word draws people in, the little phrases – the four phrases of wisdom – help start a conversation.

Wisdom comes from experience and is how we learn to navigate the many ups and downs of life. When I read this quote, I totally understood the reasoning behind the four phrases. When we have the ability to admit that we are wrong, don’t know, need help and can apologize for our behavior we are able to grow beyond our current self. When we understand that we are not perfect, that we can learn from others and that we need to be open to our own frailties THAT is when we begin our path towards wisdom.

It can be a real gut punch to have to apologize to someone you do not like or respect. It can be amazingly humbling to admit you need help from someone you do not trust. And it can be very liberating to admit you do not know it all. All of these moments release our inner power and relieve us from the construct that we have to succeed alone. No matter who we are or what we know, we need other people to build and grow whatever it is we want to build or grow. No one does anything that sustains over time by themselves or alone.

With whatever is happening in your world right now, which of the four phrases do you need to employ to move from where you are closer to wisdom? I double dog dare you to utter these words and watch the walls crumble, your thoughts grow and your heart expand.

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