You Can Figure Out the Tuba

Ink on watercolor paper – words: Samuel Butler

Do you remember a time when you were embarrassed in public? When you wanted to crawl under the table and disappear? I’ve had a couple of those moments in my days, and this quote reminded me that life is all about that, learning as we go and doing it without an instruction manual. The thing that makes it easier to handle is knowing that everyone else is living in that exact same manner.

No one has all the answers or is perfect, or has everything go their way. It may appear that way from their Facebook posts or Instagram photos, but it is not true. Remember the internet is the bathroom wall of life, anyone can post anything whether it is true or not. Most people post what they want you to see which may or may not include every aspect of their lives. And as we know EVERYONE has a bad day, the one where they want to crawl under the table and disappear. We are all learning as we go, working hard to live life one day at a time.

As we close in on the end of this year’s first month, how is your life going? Any unexpected circumstances or surprise come your way? Not yet, then be prepared. Life always has a way of surprising us, no matter how much we plan. How is it going on your goals? How do you feel? I hope that as each day unfolds you take time to learn something, tell the people you love how much they mean to you AND remind yourself that no one has read the entire manual on life. Everyone is learning as they go, in public, on a violin they only found yesterday. Which means no matter what happens to you today, someone else has it better or worse. So it’s not so bad, give it time, things will change and eventually you will pick up that violin and actually feel like you know what you are doing. That’s when life usually takes away your violin and hands you the tuba! Don’t worry, you can figure you the tuba!

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