Changing Nothing into Something

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: David Starr Jordan

We gain experience and wisdom each day. We learn what to do, what not to do, and how to do what we want to do. As this quote reminds us, wisdom is knowing what to do next...Lots of great leaders and organizations know exactly what to do next. The difference between those that grow and those that don’t are the ones who actually do the work.

Knowing and Doing are two different things. I think we all know those people who can tell others how to do anything. They know it all and take great pride in telling everyone else all that they know. No matter the topic they have the answer or the experience to talk about to everyone to help them know as well. They may be your relatives, your friends, your coworker, or sadly enough it may be you. Knowing is a fabulous thing, yet knowing will only take you so far.

Doing is that changes things. Doing is getting your hands dirty, your knees scraped up, your office area covered in paper wads or your studio covered in rough drafts. Doing is what changes nothing into something. Someone has to do the work, not just talk about how to do the work. Doing is where you build your work ethic, your creds, where you earn your stripes and where your brand and reputation solidify into the person you always wanted to become. No one gets anywhere until they get busy doing. Doing is a virtue.

So what are you busy doing? Where are you getting your hands dirty to learn, grow, become and do the actual work? Learning and knowing and wisdom is great…it is the doing that makes the difference. Let me encourage you to get out there and DO THE WORK! Set your fears aside and go out and do something, anything, just get busy. All your fears are solved on the other side of hard work. Doing is what changes nothing into something, including us. Go fix your nothing by doing something!

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